If you get excited about beer, you are a beer nerd.

Whether that means you are standing in line for the next Cellarmaker can release, Traveling to Belgium to take a tour of the Cantillon brewery, or simply drumming on your dashboard on the way home Friday evening after work singing to yourself about the ice cold Modelo you have waiting for you in the fridge at home.

Our goal at Beer Nerds is to make craft beer as +approachable as possible for anyone who comes through our doors. We will talk beer on any level with anyone who is willing. If you want to come in get your beer and be left alone, that is fine too! Everyone should feel welcome at the bar, no matter your background or choice of beer. No need for gatekeeping in the craft beer world.

We hope that you will come enjoy a glass of beer, slice of pizza, and some awesome atmosphere with people that care about what they serve you.

-Beer Nerds